Diane is good at drawing

My name is Diana and I didn't draw at all until I was 16, because it seemed that some people had this skill given by nature, but I just don't know how.

Now I believe that this belief is false, because I can hold a pencil or brush in my hands and leave traces on the paper with it, and it does not matter if they are slightly curved or equal at first.


Yes, I do not get pictures like the artists from the Tretyakov gallery, but I try to learn, although it is sometimes very difficult. Now I can already call it a hobby that develops me as a person, helps me learn something new, relax and look at the world in a different way.

This activity has a very good effect not only on morale, but also contributes to the development of imagination and Outlook. It doesn't matter what you draw with: a brush or pencil, crayons or markers, or maybe you have a graphics tablet? Drawing will help you discover you’re potential. After all, every person is able to create.